Saturday, 27 February 2010

A Welcome Sight

The sun, a welcome sight to these tired eyes that have stared too long at grey. Wheeling birds etched against a hopeful sky join me in relishing the warm touch. Thankful after being held for so long in winters ice cold hand.

"If you don't get lost, there's a chance you may never be found." - Author Unknown

Friday, 26 February 2010

On Its Way

There they are, tiny shoots emerging out of the dark earth. Green appearing everywhere, beautiful signs of new life. It has started, Spring is on its way at last.

"The significant is hiding in the insignificant. Appreciate everything." -Eckhart Tolle

Monday, 22 February 2010

Once Again

Once again outside my window, a world swaddled in white. Another page written in the story of a winter seemingly without end. Huddled in distant treetops, birds sit, stoic against a laden sky.

"The perceiver is reflected in what is perceived." - Amrit Desai

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Moss. Verdant hillocks alive and in miniature. Lichen, yellow and grey, modern art adorning twisting branches and old walls. Beauty in unexpected places. Wet slate, cobwebs, crevices. Damp, grey green spaces. February.
"Speed kills colour, the gyroscope, when turning at full speed, shows up gray." - Paul Morand

Monday, 8 February 2010

A Pile of Paintings

I have unearthed them again, tightly packaged and hidden in black plastic. They still exist. Out of sight but not out of mind. Colours and the creative urge, frozen in time. A burden that evolved from a blessing.
"A full cup must be carried steadily." - English Proverb

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Days Like These

I am wearing a dark cloak today, I feel its weight heavy on my shoulders. It falls around my feet in voluminous folds, a grey mountain range for me to cross.

"I dreamed a thousand new paths. I woke and walked my old one." - Chinese Proverb

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Thank you very much for visiting
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