Sunday, 13 March 2011

A New View From My Window

There in the distance they have cut down a tree and my wall of nature has now been breached. A new porthole opened up into the world of man. Through it I see a house on a hill and grey sky reaching back to the horizon.

"Seek a reality deeper than the changing forms." - Meher Baba


Paul Andrew Russell said...

They leave a big hole when they're felled, trees. It's always surprising how we don't notice their presence until they're gone.

Susannah said...

That is so true Paul. I usually look out on a wall of greenery and today I can see through into the distance!

Good to see you. :-)

Jenny said...

This writing is amazing. It is so visual and poignant.

Susannah said...

Hello Jenny, how wonderful to see you here! Thanks very much for your kind words. Do visit again, it will be great to see you. x

Thank you very much for visiting

Thank you very much for visiting
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