Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Before Dawn

Awake before dawn, I am draped in a shawl of melancholy. It settles like a fine mist as I emerge into the half light, stranded between sleep and wakefulness. It seeps in through my pores, infiltrating my being. There's nothing I can do but wait, as it gently evaporates, and like a soft cloud sails away on the wind of this new day.

"The moon lives in the lining of your skin. " - Pablo Neruda


Paul Andrew Russell said...

A lovely time of day, Susannah. You capture it perfectly. :-)

Anonymous said...

How insightful you are, Susannah. I often feel like this if I wake in the pre-dawn hours and it is like a shawl of melancholy. But slowly - it does sail away. So lovely.....

Mari G said...

How gorgeously described, Susannah.
Oh, to pull myself together & get up before dawn and just watch the sun rising!

Elizabeth said...

Love this Susannah, every last detail is so right on. A pre-dawn song that many would sing if they had the words. Thank you,


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