Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Why She Hasn't Visited

June has waited until this - the longest day, to walk with gentle feet onto this page. She has been so busy adorning the land with her green touch, blowing new life into every living thing she hasn't visited here. I saw her face in the blooming flowers, and instantly understood why...

"I've been wandering my garden, eating gooseberries and blackcurrents off of the bush."- SB


Barbara Scully said...

beautiful... just that!

Susannah said...

Thanks Barbara. :-)

Mari G said...

Hi Susannah.
Still waiting for June to manifest herself here in my garden in Kildare...hope springs eternal!
Fab observation...great to see you back.

Susannah said...

Hi Mari, I hope June makes an appearance in your garden soon. :-)

Good to see you. x

Thank you very much for visiting

Thank you very much for visiting
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