Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rain is Falling

Dripping from abundant blooms the rain carries an infusion of lilac down into the dark welcoming earth.
A tiny bird waits, taking shelter among glossy green leaves. The sky as white as paper.

"Don't get set into one form- be like water." - Bruce Lee


Paul Andrew Russell said...

A lovely image, Susannah.

It just so happens it's pouring with rain here today too. (what's new lol)

Enjoy your day. :-)

Susannah said...

Thanks Paul. :-)

Suz said...

I love how you described the lilacs...yes, here too..bending plants..heavy with rain..touching the earth...How are you?

Susannah said...

Hi Suz,

it seems to be raining all over! The garden welcomes it though.

I am well, though feeling a little quiet of late, I go through phases - like the moon. :-)

I hope all is well with you.
Love to you x

Colleen Loehr said...

Your words have a haiku quality...The constellation of a moment- lilac, earth, rain, bird, leaf, sky. Each moment is precious and irreproducible, to be cherished but not clung to. I love the way you juxtapose the quote with the lush, stark beauty of the moment. Thank you Susannah for giving a moment of quietness and beauty to my day.

Susannah said...

Thank you for sharing the moment with me Colleen, I always appreciate your comments. x

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