Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Sweet Smell of Hyacinths

Treading quietly, I slowly open my bedroom door and step out into the softly lit hallway. With one sleep filled eye still closed I am stopped in my tracks, overwhelmed by the sweet smell of hyacinths. Nostalgia steps forward and paints its hues into this midnight scene, indelibly marking the moment. And as dawns grey light heralds another day, it is the first thing I remember as I open my eyes.

"We must not let daylight in upon the magic." - Walter Bagehot


Mari G said...

I love how "nostalgia steps forward"...how nice!

Susannah said...

Thanks Mari. :-)

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Hyacinths possess one of the most powerful scents of all flowers. Beautiful.

Susannah said...

Hi Paul, yes they certainly do!

My mum has bought me a pot of hyacinths for the last two years and they bring back powerful memnories of my childhood.

Good to see you. :-)

echo said...

This is beautiful. I love the smell of Hyacinths but my husband gets an instant headache from them. They make us both think of the funeral of a loved one but I recall the beautiful memories while for him it is the pain of loss.

Susannah said...

Hi Echo, good to see you. :-)

Yes smells are so potent like that aren't they? and hyacinths have such a distinctive smell.

My Mum has bought me hyacinths for the last two years and this years pot stands in my hallway perfuming the house, but the memories it evokes are of childhood when I used to grow them on my bedroom windowsill.

I think it is because I have smelt them so rarely that the nostalgia is so strong.

Thanks for visiting. x

nothingprofound said...

Certain smells have the power to unlock so many doors of memory. Just yesterday (don't laugh!) I caught a whiff of hot dog smell in the air. And although I've been a vegetarian for countless years, it flooded me with so many childhood reminiscences.

Susannah said...

Hi nothingprofound. :-)

Yes I know what you mean (I have been vegan for many years) but the smell of hotdogs and onions always zooms me back to the flashing lights and excitement of the fairgrounds I visited as a child.

Thanks for visiting, it is really good to see you.

Thank you very much for visiting

Thank you very much for visiting
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