Monday, 4 July 2011

Driving As The Sun Goes Down

Speeding by the sunset - a blur of yellow streaks the coming night with gold.

"You are the energy, and the energy is you." - Berri Clove


Elizabeth said...

I couldn't drive by a sunset, just not possible, lol.


Selma said...

I really like the title of this post. It really appeals to me. There is such a sense of vastness to be had in driving towards a sunset. It's like a scene from a film. Just gorgeous!

Susannah said...

Elizabeth, I know you couldn't. :-)

I was actually the passanger hanging out of the window taking photos! lol.

Susannah said...

Selma, yes you are right the title conjures up so much doesn't it, I hadn't thought of it that way. Always good to see you. x

Mari G said...

Driving into the sunset has a very "Thelma and Louise" feel about it! Lovely image, Susannah.

Susannah said...

Thanks Mari. :-)

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