Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Passing Moment

The melancholy landed on my shoulders. I felt it settle, like soft familiar hands. It seeped into my skin and slowly permeated my being, like luke warm warm liquid poured into my bones.

“There is always a sheet of paper. There is always a pen. There is always a way out.” - H.L. Mencken


Elizabeth said...

Don't know where they come from, or how they get triggered, but we all know those moments. You captured it well,


Susannah said...

Hi Elizabeth. Maybe they just fly around looking for somewhere to land. :-)

Kim Nelson said...

Melancholy and I are close acquaintances. This sensation was utterly familiar.

Susannah said...

Kim, it seems to be one of the many nuances of the human experience. Good to see you. x

earlybird said...

I recognise this moment, Susannah. Hope it doesn't last too long...

Susannah said...

Good to see you earlybird. :-)

(The moment has already flown!)

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